The Tri-Cities Puentes Initiative is an outgrowth of the 2019 Grand Haven Hispanic Heritage Fiesta. We are creating a new 501c3 to continue and broaden the aims of last year’s Fiesta. We hope to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage and the Latinx members of our community and build bridges between the Hispanic community and the rest of the residents of the Tri-Cities area.

Our primary focus is building connections—bridges, or, puentes—between the Hispanic residents of Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg (the Tri-Cities) and residents of other ethnic and cultural backgrounds, so as to decrease discrimination and increase diversity in the Tri-Cities.

We Build these Bridges – Puentes – Through…

Increasing the cultural awareness of residents of the Tri-Cities and broader Western Michigan related to the history and contributions of the Hispanic community in the Tri-Cities and North West Ottawa County.

Cultural Awareness

Raising funds to be used to help raise up Hispanic leadership in Western Michigan, especially the Tri-Cities, and with particular focus on Hispanic young people.

Raising up Leaders

Providing support and financial distributions to local or state qualifying tax exempt organizations that make a concrete and positive difference in the life of Hispanic people in Western Michigan and especially the Tri-Cities.

Partnering with Organizations

Let’s build some bridges together.

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